Herbs and flowers are a huge category that covers every conceivable edible plant and its many plant parts. Our strategic partners offer the full array of plant parts (root, stem, leaf, flower, pollen), plant types (herbal tea, tisane, ayurvedic, functional, wild, cultivated, etc.) origins and certifications. Whether a pretty flower to enhance the look of your blend or an herb to support a claim, we have what you are looking for. 


You may be thinking, what else could there be? Though we have listed the top items, there are many more items you may need to purchase. We can also help you source: instant soluble products, candies, probiotics, tchotchkes, office supplies, janitorial supplies, pest control services, cleaning services, uniforms, computers (software and hardware), etc.

No matter what type of packaging you are looking for, our partners are sure to have it. A full array of packaging options from over wrap materials, bags, jugs, bottles. tins, canisters, boxes, labels, tags, etc. is at your finger tips. Let us know what your requirements are and we will get it for you. We can even help you get it branded with your identity. 

Our fruits come in either naturally dried or freeze dried and are available either whole, in part, or in powder form - a perfect way to enhance your blend with natural sugars, vitamins and minerals. Additionally, we offer an array of nuts suitable for blending. (Note: It is critical that if you purchase nuts you must have an allergen control plan to ensure no cross contamination. We can help with that as well.)

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Whether ground, in part, or whole, our spices will help your blends come alive. Our partners offer spices that can be used as a way to add depth and character to your cooking or to awaken the spirit in your blended tea or coffee. From traditional spices to exotic, our supply partners have what you need to spice up your offering.

Tea and coffee wares are an important part of your business. Ancillary, accessory type items ensure your customers get what they need from you and not your competitors. Whether you need a case of the product locally in the US or pallets custom made overseas, Let us help you source the perfect add-on to your business. 

Camellia sinensis, commonly referred to as tea, is at the heart of growing your business. Our strategic domestic and international partners offer the full array of tea types (white, green, yellow, oolong, black, pu-erh or dark teas), tea grades (OP, BOP, BOPF, FAN, etc.) and origin (China, Japan, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, India, Africa, etc.), as well as, certifications (organic, fair trade, etc.)



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sourcing SERVICES

Having a hard time finding just the right ingredient? Having issues trying to import direct from oversea suppliers? Wish you could find what you are looking for in stock in the US? Then you have come to the right place! 

Our network of domestic and international supply partners can help you track down quality ingredients. Whether you require just a small quantity or a container load, we have what you need. Over the past 20+ years we have developed and weeded out supply partners to include those that truly understand our industry. We know what documentation is required upon purchasing and we guarantee that what you sample is what you will receive. 

Flavoring is critical to the tea and coffee industry. So many consumers prefer to experience their beverage flavored. However, that flavor must taste and smell the same and there must not be any medicinal, metallic or perfume taste. Our partners have worked with us for over two decades and know what makes a perfect flavor for our industry. Great pricing and low minimums make us an invaluable partner.

Whether you are trying to source the best quality green coffee beans or on the hunt for artfully roasted whole bean or ground coffee, our network of supply partners are sure to please. Our partnerships offer a wide range of products to help you ensure your customers have the best drip or espresso coffee experience.