spice bottle

Whether clear or opaque, we can portion pack your product in ready to use food service "open brew" packaging for your coffee or iced tea. We also offer turn-key solutions for both iced tea and coffee with either generic branding, co-branding or completely custom labeled. We make it easy for you to compete with the BIG brands and local food service distributors. 

Have you thought about extending your line to include spices? We can help you with our stock spices or source that specific seasoning you have been looking for. Our low minimums allow you to test the waters first without having to commit to large volumes. More and more tea shops are extending their line into the spice world. Don't get passed by on this emerging trend. 

Whether we developed a wonderful tasting blend or flavored product or you did; now it is time to scale from R&D to production. Let our skilled master blenders deliver the consistency your customers deserve. Additionally, we can mill your product to the right size for the application, pelletize your powders, sift the product to remove unwanted material, and heat treat your product to reduce microbial levels.

Get your brand on your own bottled water starting as low as 6 cases. Perfect for your shop, store, restaurant, company events, bridal parties, big family events, or to use as an advertising vehicle.

Looking for branded liquid tea or coffee products? Our experienced team can help you find the right partner for Ready To Drink (RTD) or Bag In Box (BIB) products.


Filter pouch iced teas and coffees can make it easier for your customers to prepare your beverage. Whether it is for home consumer use or food service, we've got you covered. We offer multiple size options starting at 0.5oz up to 3oz. We customize your bag to ensure full extraction. (Note: It is highly recommended for food service customers that they order the filter pouch brew baskets for their equipment.)

fill your own bag

Get your products in the fastest growing consumer beverage system today - single serve cups. You can order as little as 1 box of 10 cups with your branding on the box. Or if you prefer bulk packaging with your brand on the top of the cup, you only need to purchase about 1,200 cups of each type. Don't get passed over by competitors who offer this convenience to their customers. 

filter pouch

single serve cup


Sachets offer the ability to sell your high end loose leaf teas without the hassle of having to use loose leaf equipment. Ideal for to-go cups. Have your sachets produced for as little as 10,000 units per flavor bulk packed or portioned out into branded stand up pouches. No over wraps required. 

portion pack


Tea bags used to be for those large companies that could order millions of impressions per flavor. NO LONGER! We can start you off with as little as 14 tagless tea bags in a stand up pouch with your branding on the label. We specialize in low volumes to make it easier to offer products that were once reserved for large corporations.

tin / paper canister

Looking for something a little more upscale? We can fill your loose products in custom branded tins and paper canisters. Our partner offers a huge selection of food grade packages to meet your company's image. We will custom print a high end label and apply it to your tin or paper canister.

stand up pouch

blending / flavoring

Stop selling someone else's brand of disposable "fill your own" tea bags. Get your brand on 100ct packages. No minimums! We offer a complete selection of types and sizes: round tea bags with string, high end woven rectangular tea bags with drawstrings, standard square tea bags with and without string and tag, and jumbo size string-less bags. We even offer blank over wraps for the standard tea bags for you to label.

Looking for something packaged that is not listed here? We can still help! Our network of contract manufacturers and private label experts are sure to have what you need. Whether you are looking for instant soluble products, herbal supplements, pet food, essential oils, candy, etc. we can get it packaged for you!

liquid packing


Whether you are just starting out or have been in business awhile, producing your final packaged product is an arduous task. Do you spend tens of thousands of dollars, or more, on equipment, or do you find a manufacturing partner? In-house production is a good solution for those that have finances for capital investment on equipment, skilled labor staff to run the machines, and a regulatory/compliance manager to ensure all food safety regulations are followed. But why spend all that money? We have partnered with exceptional tea and coffee manufacturing specialists that offer a wide range of packing services with extremely low minimums. Let us take the hassle of production off your hands so you can spend your time and resources growing your business.

tea bag

Have your loose leaf products packaged in a resealable stand up zip pouch, with your branding on the label. No minimum orders! We offer a bronze and silver stock bag or you can choose from an array of bag types, sizes and colors from our partner. We can package your product from as little as 2 grams to as large as 5 pounds.

private label manufacturers